Allied Equipment & Accessories

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Aaron-Bradley™ Allied Products and Accessories include a complete line of affordable and industry standard items to include dock bumpers, wheel chocks, dock lights, communications lights, safety signs, control panels, replacement parts and much more.

loading dock bumpers

Loading Dock Bumpers

Our bumper product offerings include: Laminated, Steel-faced, Molded and Extruded Bumpers which meet or exceed industry specifications and testing methods.

heavy rubber wheel chocks

Loading Dock Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are available in Laminated or Molded Rubber and Extruded Aluminum with options for chains and lifting handles available on select models. All Wheel Chocks comply with and meet OSHA specifications and requirements.

loading dock lights

Loading Dock Lights

Dock Lights are available with single and double strut or flexible arm configurations. A poly lamp head with a wire guard is standard with an optional metal lamp head available upon request.

red green loading dock light

Loading Dock Communication Lights

Communication Lights help reduce accidents and injuries at the dock. Units are available with single or double strut and flexible arm assemblies. Housings are molded ABS Safety Yellow and come with LED or Incandescent light bulbs. LED lights operate at much lower temperatures and therefore are a much safer choice.

loading dock safety signs

Loading Dock Safety Signs

The Aaron-Bradley&trade Communication Sign Package consist of one (1) each outdoor forward sign; one (1) each outdoor mirrored sign and one (1) each indoor sign. Outdoor signs read: “Caution – Move Vehicle On Green Light Only”; Indoor sign reads: “Enter On Green Light Only”. Signs are made of durable 0.063″ thick aluminum and painted to resist weather and abrasion.